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2014 Mini Seminars

Practice Management

November 6, 2014   1 pm – 4 pm

David Kasperik, CPA, CGMA, Mary Philippsen, EA, and Benita Meyers, EA

*Explore the operations of different size tax practices, from scheduling clients to getting the returns out the door. We’ve brought together three principals, representing a Large Practice, a Medium Practice and an Office in the Home Practice in order give ideas for operation functions that you can apply to your own practice throughout the year.

Note: This qualifies for CSEA/NAEA hours only.


S-Corps & LLC’s – Avoiding Fatal Mistakes & Maximizing Tax Benefits

November 13, 2014   1 pm – 4 pm

Randy Roth, EA, MSPS & David Kasperik, CPA, CGMA

* Many well-intentioned clients form LLCs or corporations with the belief that it will provide tax savings and asset protection, only to discover after an IRS audit or a lawsuit that it did not.  We estimate (based on experience) that only about two percent of micro-sized LLCs and corporations have been properly formed and maintained in a manner that truly provides the intended tax savings and asset protection benefits.   

This seminar will address the most common tax and legal misconceptions about small and micro LLCs and S corporations.

  • Proper formation and legal standing
  • The tax structures of LLCs and S corporations
  • On-going compliance and maintenance
  • Avoiding fatal mistakes (lack of legal standing, alter ego blunders, etc.)
  • Avoiding costly tax mistakes; where the IRS is focusing
  • Owners’ compensation and fringe benefits
  • The ownership/relationship tax scenarios for vehicles
  • Tax treatment of accountable plans and other reimbursements
  • Better ways to deduct the home office, medical, travel, meals & entertainment
  • Employee v. independent contractor issues
  • The role of LLCs and S corporations in managing risk

The Rules for operating a business today are complex and hazardous.  NOT COMPLYING with them can cost your clients thousands.


Schedule E Dissected

November 20, 2014   1 pm – 4 pm

Torie Chavez, EA

**A thorough discussion of our beloved Schedule E!

  1. Income
  2. Expenses
  3. Repair vs Improvement               
  4. Depreciation
  5. Vacation Homes and Mixed Use Property
  6. When is rental, not a rental?
  7. Passive activities             
  8. At Risk: 
  9. Real Estate Professionals---who qualifies
  10. Material participation
  11. Self Employment
  12. Flow through Entities
  13. Basis issue for page 2 items


From Income, Repairs vs. Improvement, Mixed Use, Flow-through Entities & Basis issues for Page 2 items Torie will bring us up to date on the currents issue for this commonly used form.





Monthly Dinner Meeting - October 16, 2014

Monthly Dinner Meeting – October 16, 2014

Criminal Tax Law

Speaker: Betty Williams, Attorney at Law

Dante Club of Sacramento
2330 Fair Oaks Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95825

This program will provide tax preparers with an overview of the most common tax crimes and will provide information to consider when discovering evidence during the preparation of a tax return or participation in an audit that may be evidence of a tax crime or may lead to a criminal investigation.  Attendees will learn how to handle illegal source income and questionable records, as well as how to respond to requests for sensitive information in an audit.  The limitations concerning communications between a tax preparer and his client will be discussed, along with a description of the protections provided under a Kovel Agreement.  Information will also be presented regarding how to respond to a search warrant for records maintained by the tax preparer or a summons to appear before a grand jury.

Speaker Bio:

Betty has been admitted to practice by the State Bar of California, and before the Supreme Court of the United States, the United States Tax Court, the Supreme Court of California, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Districts of the United States District Court in California.  Betty currently serves as Vice Chair on the Executive Committee of the Taxation Section of the State Bar of California, and previously served as the Chair of the Estate and Gift Tax and the Young Tax Lawyer sections of the Taxation Section of the State Bar of California.  She has also served as Chair of the Sacramento County Bar Taxation Section and the Business Section, as the Sacramento County Bar Taxation Section's liaison to the IRS Tax Practitioners' group, and regularly presents articles and seminars throughout the United States. 

Register at https://www.123signup.com/event?id=yjyhp


Board Meeting begins at 5:00pm

Dinner begins at 6:00pm

Education 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Members/Non-Members who RSVP by October 13th - $35/$40

Members/Non-Members who RSVP after October 13th- $40/$45


Future Dinner Meetings

Future Dinner Meetings

November 20, 2014 - Schedule C - Business, Hobby & Review with Torie Charvez, EA

December - No meeting in December

January 15, 2015 - Ethics with Ruth Rowlette 

Registration Links will be posted

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